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1/2 a Ride

Below you can see my intended route for today.  A 44 mile loop around the North Shore. Actually, if you zoom in on Boxford you can see that I totally took a wrong turn and added a few unintentional miles to the trip 🙂

Unfortunately, I only made it to point D on the map, 25miles in.  That is where I got my first flat tire of this adventure.  One minute I was rolling along  feeling pretty good about myself and the next I was hearing an awful sound from my rear tire.  I pulled off the road and found what I suspected- a flat.

I have yet to acquire a saddle bag, and therefore have had no place to stash a spare tire tube or pump.  I have been taking a calculated and known risk by riding without a spare.  I was, however, riding with my cell phone.  A quick call was made to Peter and I found myself a shady spot to wait until he and the girls arrived.

I was pretty disappointed at how today’s ride ended.  I was feeling great and was ready to finish the second half of my ride.  But there’s no use getting hung up on things you can’t change!  I’ll fix the tire and get back out on the road again soon.


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  1. […] Saturday, after heroically rescuing Mama who had suffered a flat tire on her bike ride, Catherine and I went out to Home Depot and picked up some supplies I needed for a few projects […]

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